Keep Arkansas Natural.

We are committed to positively impacting the Natural State of Arkansas–environmentally, socially, & economically–by passing a Container Deposit Law.


Our Mission

Our team came together to fight for change. To give back to our community. To get beverage container litter off the streets and out of our creeks. To provide a financial incentive to recycle the bottles and cans that aren’t near a recycling bin. To preserve the precious resources and energy used to create the containers. We will create new jobs surrounding this to-go recycling industry. Supply new opportunities for local organizations to fundraise. And carry out a new approach to keeping Arkansas natural.

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Why a Container Deposit Law?

A Container Deposit Law (CDL) facilitates clean recovery of bottles, yielding high recycling rates and high marketability for the materials gathered. The financial incentive placed upon the container increases accountability which, in turn, decreases the amount of litter found on roadways, streams, and even the ocean. It’s simple. The consumer pays a small deposit upfront when purchasing a beverage & receives it back when the item is returned to be recycled.